May 07, 2018 by TheYawningWhale

Valhalla Progress Report: April 2018

In mars and april we've focused on a new inventory system and our first dungeon Fredstorp.


The biggest update would be the inventory system. These items are things which you will be able to find and interact with in the world, enabling players to find consumables, temporarily update their gear or of course find mission related items. Unlike the wardrobe though these items won't persist after the dungeon is finished. Pick your starting gear from your wardrobe but once the dungeon starts, the wardrobe is off limits and you'll have to rely on whatever it is you might find to complete the mission.

Like a lot of other games, the inventory is grid based but it's also pretty limited in space. Further gifts, curses and items might increase, decrease or change the shape of the inventory.

The inventory filled with various items


Without giving away too much another big part was working with our first minidungeon. Boss mechanics, mission triggers, loot and story has been under construction and continues to be developed.

A small preview of the upcoming dungeon