June 11, 2018 by TheYawningWhale

Valhalla Progress Report: May 2018

In may and at the start of june we polished Fredstorp in preparation for our first playtest!

Dungeon statistics

When finished dungeons now display information regarding who did what and how well. Since it includes both positive aspects (damage dealt, healing done etc) and negative ones (friendly fire, how much you have healed the enemies etc) this information is great for both boasting and blaming!

Fredstorp updates

Fredstorp finally got its own feats which spice the dungeon up a bit more with extra goals to achieve. Apart from that we've added a lot more items to interact with making the dungeon feel a lot more alive.

First playtest

We've just finished a playtesting session with some friends where they got to try out Fredstorp and after about an hour every team had managed to beat the dungeon. Back in Valhalla we organized a couple of 4v4 deathmatches which resulted in quite a fun and chaotic PvP experience.

4v4 Deathmatch in Valhalla