July 08, 2018 by PhroZen

Valhalla Progress Report: June 2018

This month was a vacation month for some of us, but a lot of progress managed to sneak its way in anyhow!

Map adjustments from feedback

Last month we did a lot of playtesting and got LOADS of feedback and things to concider. The map that we tested on (Fredstorp) got a lot of small changes so that the players can solve the map in numerous ways. We also added a some better hints that should help the player along the way if they get stuck.


TheYawningWhale has done a huge amount of work pushing in new traits, or rather old ones that was removed due to refactoring that are now making its way back. Some in the same old form like taunt and shieldbash and some new like Seidhring that means you can now regenerate mana!

Look at that beautiful tooltip!

What's next?

Next month will be polish, polish and more polish. The reason for this is that we are going to compete in the Swedish Game Awards! It's going to be tight to get all thing that we want in place before the judges!