August 13, 2018 by TheYawningWhale

Valhalla Progress Report: July 2018

During July we released a new map, added curses, improved melee combat mechanics and polished on the UI!


After some further playtesting of Fredstorp, and from the feedback we received, we got the impression that Fredstorp was too difficult for a first map. In order to ease new players in even more we created Missveden, which will be the first chapter in our first campaign, preluding Fredstorp!

Curses are back!

Curses have finally found their way back to Valhalla. The way they work is they hinder the player in certain aspects but unlock points for the player to grow in other areas. Curses will be an essential part of the leveling experience where characters never grow strictly stronger, but rather become more specialized in their roles, making it even more important to work together.

Apart from this we've also reintroduced attributes which will strengthen, or weaken, the character in more passive ways as well as affect the character's amount of health, stamina and mana. They are split into pairs, with one offensive and one defensive: Strength/Endurance, Agility/Mobility and Intelligence/Wisdom. Whenever you claim a gift or a curse, you will also have to pick an attribute bonus (positive for gifts, negative for curses)

The character has already claimed 3/3 gifts and must now choose a curse if he wants to unlock more gifts

The trait selection menu now also comes with a video to the left, showcasing the trait in action!

Blocking and parrying

We've made some updates to the blocking and parrying mechanics which makes blocking and parrying feel a lot more responsive. We've also added a timing aspect to it, so the longer you just mindlessly hold your shield or weapon raised, the less effective it will be at deflecting incoming blows, eventually even working against you.

Whenever you start blocking or parrying, a circle around your crosshair will appear indicating how long you have blocked for. The fuller the circle, and the redder it is, the worse your block/parry will be

Preparations for SGA

This year we applied for Swedish Game Awards but sadly did not get nominated. However, in preparation for this we created a trailer, got help with creating concept art and in general tried to polish the UI and clarity in the game. The work will continue as usual, with the goal of having a complete first campaign including more traits, more equipment, more enemies, more bosses and more adventures, before the year is over!

Our first trailer we prepared for SGA