About the game

The game is set in a universe where all people who die in battle ends up in Valhalla. There you will entertain the gods while testing your skills in different challenges. It is the gods who need entertainment and you are it. Show them that you are a cunning warrior!


The game takes inspiration from MMORPGS, the instances and dungeons from WoW, GuildWars etc. Our focus is an RPG where you and your friends can come together and beat different instances, with an emphasis on cooperation, exploration and adaptation. Hardcore gameplay are our core values, meaning firendly fire, quick melee fighting and seriously hard challenges.

Jump straight into the action beginning with campaigns and unravel what's currently going on in the world of the ├Žsirs. No need for grind or arbitrary level requirements; if you and your party are skilled enough you will be able to progress. However, specializing your roles will be beneficial.

Character Progression

In order to spice things up in Valhall the gods lend out gifts, empowering the fallen vikings in certain ways. However, a person can only get so strong before the gods refuse to give him more power, unless he's willing to also bear some curses that is. The idea is that characters never become strictly better, they become more specialized.

The character is currently capped at 3/3 gifts, and will need to pick a curse to be able to claim more gifts

Both when claiming gifts and curses, the character also has to choose an attribute to increase or decrease (depending on if it's a trait or a curse), further specializing him but in a more passive, subtle way

To gain access to more traits, and more equipment to use, characters can achieve feats of strengths during the challenges. Some might be to just finish the mission, while others might be finding side quests or adding extra arbitrary difficulty by finishing with certain restrictions.


The combat is quick and often quite chaotic; good communication and quick adaptation is often of the essence. Sometimes the party is better off going together, while at other times it might be better to spread out across the map in smaller groups, doing things simultaneously while synchronizing with eachother.

Example of what a fight might look like, this time it was a 4v4 PvP fight spontaneously occuring in Valhalla

Some random notes:

  • Built by three people in their spare time.
  • Built on Unreal Engine 4
  • The game is really early alpha, don't expect it to work.
  • Any feedback is always welcome!

Will we be seeing you in Valhalla?