Getting started

The game is only accesssable though steam and is invite only.

If you are interested in getting a key, send us an email at!

Getting started

Once you have gotten a key from us you need to register it and the game will appear in your library.


Before you can play you need to switch to the developer beta channel to get the lastest working version. You do this under the properties page.

Under the BETAS tab select development.

Once in the game

The game is NOT complete in any sense. This is a really early alpha, and for this reason we don't have a tutorial and some stuff might be a bit confusing. But don't worry! We are going to inform you on all the confusing things here below:

Why do I need to create an account?

We don't have a finished integration with steam yet. It will go away, but in the meantime. Just do it! Don't worry, we are fully GDPR compliant!

Nothing happens when I try to move on from the character selection screen?

Our servers are automatically shutting down if no one is playing, and starting them can take up to 15 minutes. So just be patient and try to login again.

The status of the servers are displayed in the top right corner of this page. If the status is Active the servers are running, Sleeping means that the servers will wake up if you try to join it.

The escape menu

Where are the menus?

While in game, press escape to see all the different menus available and their shortcut.

What's there to do?

Grab som friends and try to finish our only dungeon called Fredstorp, or venture in alone if you really like the challenge!

X is broken, and Y is strange!

Join the teamspeak and talk to us about it! While this is an early alpha so a lot of things are expected to be broken, don't hesitate to poke us about it! Or if you want do feedback oldschool-style then there is always our email:!