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Valhalla Progress Report: May 2020

It was a long time since we last posted here! But it is not because we have stopped working on the game!

Valhalla Progress Report: December 2018 and January 2019

A lot has happened during december and in January: The new trait system is in place, pretty much all icons have been replaced with higher quality ones and we've finally added equippable armor items!

Valhalla Progress Report: August-November 2018

During the second half of 2018 we've done a lot of playtesting and continuously modified the game in accordance to the feedback received!

Valhalla Progress Report: July 2018

During July we released a new map, added curses, improved melee combat mechanics and polished on the UI!

Valhalla Progress Report: June 2018

This month was a vacation month for some of us, but a lot of progress managed to sneak its way in anyhow!

Valhalla Progress Report: May 2018

In may and at the start of june we polished Fredstorp in preparation for our first playtest!

Valhalla Progress Report: April 2018

In mars and april we've focused on a new inventory system and our first dungeon Fredstorp.

Valhalla Progress Report: February 2018

Both in January and in February we've been working on the trait system!

Valhalla Progress Report: December 2017

A massive progress leap occured this month! Ironing out the new backend, tying together all functions, implementing Amazon GameLift as an instance handling system and, most importantly, getting the game up on Steam!

Valhalla Progress Report: November 2017

The majority of the work this month has been focused around upgrading the backend,

Valhalla Progress Report: October 2017

Progressing even further in the C++ conversion, the AI can now move and attack again, and a basic skeleton for dungeon progress is in place.

Valhalla Progress Report: September 2017

The big work continues! The rewrite to c++ is still ongoing and it will continue for quite some time.

An improved UE_LOG

We are currently rewriting our game from Unreals Blueprint to C++ and as always there is need to logging. And while the standard log framework provides the UE_LOG macro it is somewhat lackluster. One of us (Frodenkvist to be precise) was annoyed enough by it to do something about it.

Valhalla Progress Report: August 2017

The big work of converting blueprints to C++ has begun! So far we've come almost half ways and from the testing everything seems to be working a lot smoother.

Valhalla Progress Report: July 2017

A good many things have happened since our last update. This month contains some some rewrites of code, a new map and a new way of murdering people!

Valhalla Progress Report: June 2017

A project cannot survive as long as this has without a few problems and some major changes along the way.

A first for everything

It's about time! Time to do a small demo of the game and find all the bugs that always show up while doing a demo.